Samsung Starts Making New Flash Storage Chips, 4x Faster Than Current Tech

Flash storage performance on devices have never been good (especially on tablets, ASUS has had a lot of trouble but it isn’t just limited to them). It’s been acceptable, but not exactly good for most tasks. Samsung is looking to change that with a new generation of flash storage. They can hit up to 140 MB/s read speeds and 50 MB/s write speeds. Impressed yet? Because the fastest microSD card has 17/19 MB/s read/write speeds. Samsung claims that these new chips will be four times faster than the previous ones, which is great to hear as bitrate for video gets higher and games get larger.

The chips are 1.2mm thick even at 64GB capacity. However, that’s not the most important aspect of storage right now. You can make the fastest chip possible, but it’ll still choke under load if more than one read/write operation is going on at once. Lets hope Samsung invests in good memory controllers to prevent slowdowns. It’d be a shame to waste the potential of such nice chips.

Android Police

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