Samsung Trying To Strip Features Out Of Phones Infringing On Apple Patents

Apple was trying to take 8 Samsung devices off of the market after the lawsuit, and Samsung has every intention to stop that from happening. They’re working with carriers to update these phones to comply with the patents. Unfortunately that might mean stripping them of their features, but if that’s what it takes, at least the phones will be on the market.

It’ll be impossible to get around the design patents of course, but Samsung might be able to do enough with updates. A few of the phones are already running Ice Cream Sandwich, meaning that they won’t be infringing any longer. For example, all of the S II’s are running ICS. But even then, design patents could take them off the market. If so, it’s not a huge deal. All of the phones are outdated and old, even if they do still sell.

Android Police

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