Samsung Wants to Reveal Apple’s Numbers: Just How Many iProducts Did They Sell?


In another dramatic day in the courtroom, a strange turn of events has occurred. Samsung now wants to use Apple’s exact sales numbers in its cross-examination of Phil Shiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. Apple claims the release of these numbers could cause sever “harm to Apple.” The Cupertino firm’s biggest claim against Samsung was that the company was “unjustly enriched” by using Apple copycat products, essentially robbing Apple of potential profits. Presumably, Samsung wants to use these documents in order to prove Apple had no issues selling iPhones/iPads because of Sammy’s lineup.

These seems like a brilliant legal move by Samsung; however, it might be a bit hypocritical as Samsung has recently stopped posting exact sales numbers with its success, leaving many to rely on only estimates. Judge Koh still needs to make a ruling on whether or not the evidence is usable in the courtroom. Judging (no pun intended) from her past rulings, it’ll be quite the decision if she allows it.

CNET via Android Authority

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