Sony Mobile Announces Restructuring – Expected to cut 15% of Global Workforce

Earlier today, Sony Mobile made an announcement pertaining to their intention to streamline operations and reduce their overall costs. Sony has stated it will do so by reducing it’s workforce by around 15 percent, leading approximately 1,000 jobs to be in jeopardy.  As part of these latest changes, Sony Mobile HQ will move from Lund, Sweden to Tokyo, Japan in October, resulting in the loss of around 650 jobs. Sony has stated that this will primarily affect consultants.  As part of its efforts to reduce costs across the board, Sony Mobile will lay off around 15 percent of its workforce by the end of its 2013 financial year, which ends in March 2014.

Additionally, Sony says it will “redefine the roles and responsibilities” of its global development sites in Lund, Tokyo and Beijing to “leverage the strengths of each respective site.” Lund will continue to be an important site for Sony Mobile, the company says, one primarily focused on software development.

These moves also come less than a year after Sony completed the buyout of mobile operations from it’s once partner Ericsson. With Sony only holding a marginal stake in the current smartphone market, along with a negligible presence in the U.S., the company is hoping this restructuring, combined with its next round of Xperia smartphones and tablets (expected to be announced at IFA), will help growth and profitability.


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