Sony Proves That It’s Possible To Shoot An Entire Music Video From A Sony Xperia Ion

We’ve heard of full movies being shot on smartphones before but this is the first time that I’ve seen a professional music video shot on one. Sony wanted to show off the HD Everywhere experience that they feature in the Xperia Ion and so they were able to get one of their partners, Metric, to do a live performance of their new track Synthetica which is also the title of their latest album.

Sony used crowdsourcing for the production by providing everyone in the crowd an Xperia Ion to film the performance and urging them to express their creativity. After they finished and returned the footage, director Chris Lenox Smith pieced together the clips for the very nice music video that you see below. Check it out as it’s quite interesting to see what our smartphones are capable of. Would you guys ever shoot something professional on a smartphone?


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