Sony Says That The Tablet P Won’t Be Getting Jelly Bean, The Tablet S Is Luckier

Sony’s initial offerings into the tablet market weren’t huge sellers but the Tablet P was an interesting idea that just didn’t catch. The dual display clamshell device never garnered much interest and it looks like Sony is going to be leaving it behind with the Jelly Bean update. A Sony spokesperson at IFA confirmed today that both the Xperia Tablet S and the original Tablet S were slated for a Jelly Bean upgrade but the lack of interest in the Tablet P has led it to be cut off of the update list.

It’s sad to say, but this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Concepts like this are cool but they just don’t do well when on the market. Just ask Kyocera about their Echo. Do any of you have a Tablet P that will no longer get Jelly Bean?

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