Stable Builds Of CyanogenMod 9.1 Released With SimplyTapp NFC Payment Integration

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs out there and today stable builds of CyanogenMod 9.1 are going out with a fancy new feature built in. This latest feature is called Tapp and is powered by SimplyTapp, a company that allows you to make cloud-based NFC payments with your phone. First of all, you have to sign up which requires you to flash CM9.1 and download Tapp. Next thing to do is to get an NFC card which can cost anywhere from free to $5 depending on the kind of card you choose. The current card selection consists of a Tapp Anywhere card which is a bit like a Visa gift card in that it’s a card that can be used at various places but has a fixed balance, a CyanogenMod Tapp Card which is reloadable, or a selection of various store gift cards depending on your location. As for security, your credentials are stored in the cloud and enabled until the point-of-sale by standard security mechanisms. Basically it keeps your stuff secure by allowing only you to access it and only when you need to.

Some of the supported devices include the Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S II but basically any phone with CM9.1 support and NFC will work. If you want to download it for yourself then just follow the links below.

CyanogenMod Blog, CM9.1 Download

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