Study Shows Google’s Nexus 7 Commercial To Be More Effective Than Apple’s New Ad Series

If you’ve been tuning into the Olympics over the past week then you’ve most likely seen ads from both Google and Apple showing off their latest products. Google’s Nexus 7 campaign is based around a father and son sharing in the joy of using a Nexus 7 in the “wilderness” to make life significantly more enjoyable. On the contrary, Apple’s campaign is centered around an Apple genius who must assist numerous helpless Mac owners get things done in a time of crisis.

Advertisement analytics company Ace Metrix has concluded that Google’s commercial has been received better than Apple’s campaign by viewers. Between the three Genius ads, only one garnered a score in the upper-half of Ace Metrix’s “effectiveness scale”. However, Google’s commercial managed to score of 662 out of 950 points.

The Nexus 7 advertisement is Google’s first hardware campaign since it aired a TV spot for the original Nexus One in early 2010. When asked about Google’s new ad, Ace Metrix VP Jonathan Symonds said, “Google has taken their strong emotional appeal and married that with strong product demonstration.”

In case you haven’t seen them, we’ve embedded both ad campaigns below.

Google’s “Nexus 7: Camping”:

Apple’s 2012 Mac Advertisements:

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