Super Download Lets You Harness Both Mobile Data And WiFi For Insane Download Speeds

As most of you know, when you turn on WiFi, the phone turns off mobile data automatically. It’s either one or the other. And that makes sense, what could you do with two separate connections? The answer is harness both of them at the same time to gain much faster download speed than either is capable of alone.

Super Download is an app that can do that. It’s in the beta stages, so there might be some bugs or it might not work on some downloads. But since it’s at a low $0.99, it’s a good buy! We’re sure it’ll get more expensive as time goes on, so now is the best time to get it. The free version is limited to downloads up to 50MB.

Also, beware of hitting your data cap, if applicable. Don’t download too much, and always watch your data usage.

Play Store: Super Download Lite | Play Store: Super Download (Full) | Android Police

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