T-Mobile Galaxy S III Gets Jelly Bean Leak Of Its Own

While the international Galaxy S III getting so many Jelly Bean leaks, the US models got no love. They have different chipsets, so ports aren’t possible. However, we have some good news. A Jelly Bean build was leaked for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III, showing that Samsung is dedicated to updating even the carrier models as quickly as possible.

The build is fairly stable, but has a few issues. First of all, Wi-fi calling doesn’t work, and there are a few issues with the browser, video player, and Google Now. It seems to be a fairly early build, but it’s a great start, and shows Samsung’s dedication to getting this update out there.

If you want to flash it, you have to understand it’s always a risk. You may brick your phone, and we are not responsible for any possible damages. Be careful, and flash on.

You’ll need to be on the stock build LH2 to be able to flash this. Hit the source link for more info and instructions. And be excited for more Jelly Bean leaks!

XDA-Developers | Android Police

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