T-Mobile to Offer (True) Unlimited Data

Could an unlimited data plan be in the works for T-Mobile customers?  Although the company already technically offers this plan, it’s not completely unlimited as the name would have you assume.  According to the above leaked document, however, a literal unlimited data plan is in the works for September 5th.  That means no speed limits, caps, or overages.

TmoNews Announced:

“The best news, this plan is just $30 for Classic Plan customers and $20 for Value Plan customers and is available for all account types, including Small Business, Enterprise and in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the plan cannot be combined with the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering), as customers who want to add the Mobile Hotspot should continue to choose from the 5GB and 10GB rate plan options instead.

So what’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data good for?

  • Watch HD videos, stream music, and browse the web without worrying about data speed limits
  • Do not plan to to share their phone’s data connection with other devices
  • Currently have 2GB data and want a worry-free data experience
  • Do not know how much data they will use per month and want the peace of mind of never having to monitor their data usage ever!”

With a data plan like that, are any of you non T-Mobile customers thinking about switching plans come September?



image via TmoNews



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