Teach Google Now Where You Live (If It Doesn’t Already Know)

Google Now has the ability to show a notification telling you how long of a commute it is to your house. However, it has to learn where your house is. Personally, mine showed up properly the first time I left the house, hours after flashing a Jelly Bean ROM. But if Google Now doesn’t yet know where you live (and you want it to, without fearing for your safety), here’s how.

This first method requires the desktop version of Google Maps, meaning you’ll probably need a computer.

1. Click “My Places” in the left sidebar.
2. Select “All” if it isn’t already selected.
3. You’ll see Home and Work buttons.
4. Hit the dropdowns for them, and press edit.
5. Enter your address, and hope you don’t anger Google in your lifetime.

If you don’t have a computer, you can use an Android device with Google Latitude.

1. Open Latitude and tap on your icon (not the arrow).
2. Tap on the balloon that appears with your name.
3. Tap “Location history.”
4. Touch the menu button in the bottom right corner.
5. Choose either to change your home or work locations.
6. Input each address, and press “Save.”

That’s pretty much it. Google Now will now tell you how far away you are from work or home. Useful, if you’re not paranoid.


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