The GameKlip Mounts Your Phone Onto A Sixaxis Controller

When first seeing this, my jaw dropped. So elegant, but so simple. It’s a mount that wraps around your PS3 sixaxis controller and attaches your phone above it, making it into a makeshift portable console. Since we all know the biggest flaw with hardcore gaming on phones is the control scheme. Touch screen controls don’t quite cut it, even when they’re incredibly refined like in Dead Trigger. This would make mobile gaming so much more enjoyable on the go.

The Sixaxis controller has been supported as a controller for Android gaming for a while via Bluetooth (what I would give for a Bluetooth 360 controller though). Now you won’t have to worry about positioning the phone for a comfortable angle. This is just such a beautiful solution. Here’s a video:

Now remember: Only a few devices support the USB method. The others will need root, and you can buy a wireless kit. However, for the good news, it’s available now! You can get it at for $15, or $23 for the USB version. And luckily it isn’t a Kickstarter, it’s available for purchase!


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