The HTC Proto Is Back To Show What It’s Made Of In New Leaked Pictures

We first heard about the HTC Proto a few weeks ago when The Verge leaked it out to the world. It appeared to be a low-end to mid-range phone that would be a successor to the HTC One V. Now the Proto has returned once again courtesy of The Verge to show itself to the camera. You can definitely tell that it’s digressing away from the chin design of the One V to a more rounded and sophisticated look. The 9.62mm thick phone has a back that appears to be made of a smooth soft-touch plastic and has both HTC and Beats branding on it. The face of the device is said to sport a 4″ WVGA screen along with capacitative buttons instead of on-screen buttons. Other specs include a 5-megapixel camera and 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor.

The Proto looks to be a worthy successor to the One V and although we don’t have any mention of a release date yet, IFA is coming up and HTC might take the time to announce this. Then again, they may not. Keep watching the site for more news regarding the Proto.

The Verge

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