The Jelly Bean Update Brought A Cell Broadcast Settings Menu To The Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Not only did Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners get a whole host of buttery new features with the recent Jelly Bean update but it also brought in something new in the settings menu, a cell broadcast settings menu. This is where you’ll find mission control for emergency alerts that can push through to your phone. There’s options for AMBER alerts, severe threats, and extreme threats to warn you if a child has been abducted in your area or something such as a hurricane or a terrorist attack is threatening your life and property. If you really want to, you can even set it to speak the emergency alerts out loud as you receive them.

This is quite an intriguing feature as other phones, even the GSM Galaxy Nexus, don’t have this kind of feature built in. It’s pretty cool that this is being integrated and it should help to warn people about threats in their area. If you have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus then you can find the menu under cell broadcast settings in wireless and networks. Would you want this to become a standard feature on all smartphones?

 Droid Life

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