The Nexus 7 Is The Ultimate In-Car Entertainment Center

If you’re looking for the greatest reason to dive into Nexus 7 ownership, this is likely as good as it’s going to get with an in-dash entertainment system built by the folks at Sonix Electronix. These guys have embedded tablets in car dashboards for years, this time they took a Nexus 7 and built it right into a 2008 Dodge Ram.

The guys at Sonix used an Audison bit one signal processor to drive sound to the speakers as the Nexus 7 becomes the ultimate in dashboard entertainment. Just consider the possibilities with the Nexus 7 and the large array of apps available in the Google Play store to help make this not just an awesome looking use for a tablet, but a completely productive one as well. Store music and video files, use the devices GPS and navigation features or if you’re truly bored while stuck in traffic, break out a game.

Hit the video and tell us what you think. Who are we kidding, you’re thinking about it now aren’t you?

Android Central via Sonix Electronix

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