Ting Shipping Galaxy S III Pre-Orders In Early September With More High-End Smartphones On The Way

One of the newer Sprint MVNO’s is Ting and we recently saw them begin to accept pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Today they’re back with some more news with one bit saying that they hope to ship the Galaxy S III pre-orders by early September because pre-orders have been so overwhelming. They did mention though that they’re working to possibly send them out earlier.

In other news regarding Ting, they unveiled some new high-end and a mid-range smartphone heading to join their airwaves. The HTC EVO 4G LTE will have pre-orders most likely beginning in mid-September with a price tag of $520. They should ship out sometime in mid-October. Next up is something for QWERTY fans as the Motorola Photon Q will be joining the lineup at around $500 with pre-orders commencing on August 20 and hopefully shipping out about three weeks later. After that is the LG Viper which is slated to come in under $400 in October and Ting did make sure to mention that they’re working with Sprint to get LTE live and it should be up and running in early September. Coming in for mid-range and low-end is the Kyocera Rise which is set to release in early September for the low price of around $200.

Some other stuff was shared such as the mobile hotspot sale is still continuing along with having the black Galaxy S II now on sale as well. Ting is still working on getting the iPhone but there’s not much new to report there and alas, Ting had some very sad news to share with stock Android enthusiasts. The Galaxy Nexus will NOT be coming to Ting about which Ting stated that “Google needs to make its pure Google phones MVNO friendly.” Ting is shaping up to be a very nice looking option for people looking to save a few bucks on their monthly bill even if it means paying a bit more up front. Give us a shout in the comments below if you use Ting as your wireless provider!

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