U.S. Dept. Of Justice seizes multiple Android App Websites for Alleged Copyright Violations

In a press release today, the US Department of  Justice stated they have seized three domains associated with the pirating and illegal distributing of Android apps in what is described as the first such operation against cellphone app marketplaces. The three seized domains – applanet.net, appbucket.net and snappzmarket.com – are now in the custody of the federal U.S. government with the following image now posted on the sites.

Lanny A. Breur, the Assistant Attorney general for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division in a statement said: “Software apps have become an increasingly essential part of our nation’s economy and creative culture, and the criminal division is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to protect the creators of these apps and other forms of intellectual property from those who seek to steal it”. What made the closure of these domains even more difficult was that, the sites weren’t always on US soil, requiring French and Dutch authorities to assist with the enforcement of such a move.

What makes this move interesting is whether or not this closure will curtail and prevent future pirating  or simply just move the move the movement underground. As many know, pirating seems to be an ongoing issue that will never go away no matter what the industry.

U.S. Dept. of Justice Press Release via PC World

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