Ubi Kickstarter Takes Off With A Voice Activated Internet Device For Your Home

Kickstarter is a breeding ground for all sorts of new ideas and products that need financial backing from consumers. The latest to grace Kickstarter is Ubi, an always-on voice activated Android-powered computer that simply plugs into a wall socket and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can do all sorts of searching, scheduling, and the like just by your voice but it also has plenty of other functionality. You can have it act as a personal assistant, use it as a baby monitor, have it control your home’s climate, and act as a notifier for emails and text messages and things of that sort. The creators have pinned January-February of 2013 as the tentative release date for Ubi but that’s certainly not going to happen without your help. It’s definitely caught my eye and the use is quite plain to see (or hear). We’ll just have to make sure that it can’t take over your house or something like you always see in techno horror movies. Type your thoughts on Ubi in the comments below if you please.


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