US Cellular Launches Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G, We Ask What A Metrix Is

US Cellular has announced a new device for their lineup called the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G. I don’t have words for that name choice. But otherwise, it’s a solid budget phone. It’s very much like Verizon’s Samsung Stratosphere, having the same 1GHz processor, 4″ display, 5MP camera, 4G LTE capabilities, and slide out QWERTY keyboard. It can be purchased today online, or in stores on August 24th.

If you’re wondering about price, it’s an interesting issue. It will cost you $130 if you’re living in a 4G area. However, if you’re not covered by 4G, you have to pay $180. I understand that US Cellular wants to push their 4G network, but it’s not going to entice anyone. This isn’t a persons choice, to be covered or not. It’s based on luck, and some people will have to pay $50 more simply because US Cellular themselves don’t cover that area. Quite ridiculous, and definitely won’t do anything to push LTE further.

What do you guys think about this phone? Or the pricing situation? Tell us in the comments!


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