Verizon Wireless Has Secret Shared Data Plans, Except Not Anymore

Worried that Verizon’s 10GB of shared data plan for $100 wasn’t going to be enough for you? Well, good news as there are some unadvertised plans Verizon has recently hinted at being available thanks to a ComputerWorld reader. Power users take note, these plans aren’t for the weary wallet with plans of 20GB for $150, 12GB for $110 a month, 14GB for $120 a month, 16GB for $130 a month, and 18GB for $140 a month.

The newly discovered plans plans are in combination with the rates Verizon unveiled last June for their new “Share Everything” option and are available if you ask for them. Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t seem to want to advertise these plans, but for power users on Big Red’s network, it’s good to know you don’t have to cap yourself at 10GB. Verizon says the plans have been available since June, mainly through their customer service department or corporate owned retail stores.

Verizon says they weren’t posted because “the majority of customers use under 2GB a month.” Each of the newly discovered data plans have an overage charge of $15 per 1GB of data for going over the plans allotted amount of data. In theory, if a customer purchased the 10GB plan for $100, without adding the 20GB plan, the total overage charges would be $150, for a total monthly data charge of $250.


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