Verizon’s Galaxy SIII gains global roaming workaround

For Verizon customers traveling abroad, Big Red’s Galaxy S III becomes nothing more than a glorified media player, as it’s cell phone capabilities are rendered useless. Prior to the phone’s launch, Verizon had promised it’s customers that global roaming would be enabled at some point in the future via an OTA update. Now a month into the phone’s release the XDA developer community has taken matters into their own hands. XDA Developers forum member lair12 has identified a way to make global roaming a reality without Verizon’s involvement.

Slight warning however – switching from LTE to GSM frequencies isn’t a simple process and is far more complex than basic rooting (which is required either way). The process includes a fair amount of preparation, not limited to, manually adding GSM network identifiers, and steps to switch allegiances once abroad. Never the less, if you’re interested in giving the process a go, the step by step guide can be found at the source links below.

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