Vodafone Shows Off Galaxy S III LTE, Preloaded With Jelly Bean

Vodafone’s IFA booth had their new Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, packing the famed Exynos quad core along with a dedicated LTE radio. This of course adds bulk and weight to the phone, along with worse battery, most likely. However, there was one thing that catches the eye: it is pre-loaded with Jelly Bean. If it’s already pre-loaded on one Galaxy S III, then it should be pretty much done for the others. This is of course good news for all Galaxy S III owners, as they can expect to see the update sometime soon, though we still have no info on that.

One strange thing that we noticed is the color. This S III is a strange plum color, not red, and not black. We are not sure what this means, but hopefully there will be an explanation soon.


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