We Might See A Black Galaxy S III (More Info)

Samsung put this image (and another) up on their Facebook, in an Olympics-themed album. None of us thought much of them. There was a little while before the launch of a man unboxing a gray Galaxy S III, and Samsung said it was nothing but the lighting. So seeing a black S III didn’t really shock us, probably some mess up on Samsungs end.

The thing that made us really think is more information, specifically from Carphone Warehouse. It’s an image of their database showing a black Galaxy S III.

This new information makes these rumors of a black S III a lot more credible. And if it actually happens, I know a lot of people will be happy. It was strange of Samsung not to make a black S III (we believe it was for legal reasons), and this black one could make plenty of people who held out ecstatic (read: me).

Let’s hope this rumor is true, and the proof isn’t falsified. This would be a win/win situation for everyone. So what do you guys think? Do you like the new color? Or do you prefer the selection of red, white, and blue already available? Tell us in the comments!

Android Police

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