What Do You Think Amazon Is Going To Reveal September 6?

For many months now there have been rumors as to what Amazon will reveal next. Will it be the next Kindle Fire? A Kindle phone? Something we’ve never heard of? Up until now, we haven’t had even the slightest bit of information as to when this would be happening, but just yesterday announced they would be hosting a press conference on September 6th.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what they will reveal, but I have my money on one of thing things, if not all: a successor to the Kindle Fire, a Kindle phone, and maybe even a Kindle set-top box. The chances of seeing the Kindle Fire 2 are pretty good, if not certain. After the success of the original Fire, it would only make sense to reveal the next iteration.

As for the Kindle phone and set top box, things get a little shaky. Word on a Kindle phone has been around for awhile, and it makes sense to a certain extent. I don’t see how well it would work out, but Amazon does have the resources to experiment a little. The set top box is something I recently thought of. With their various media consumption services, it would seem logical for them to release a competitor to the Apple TV. For all we know, it could even be a connected TV.

So, now it’s you turn. What do you think Amazon will reveal on the 6th?

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