WiFi Shoot (Beta) Allows Sharing Files Via WiFi Direct Across Different Devices

WiFi Shoot (Beta) is a surprisingly easy way to harness the power of WiFi Direct. WiFi Direct was introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich, but has been quite fragmented. Some devices have it, some don’t. Some, like the Galaxy S III, even come with proprietary ways to use it. Well WiFi Shoot lets you use one app across many devices to easily send photos. As you can see in the video, it’s fast and easy to start a transfer of a file.

It is still in beta though, so you might encounter glitches. For example, the Galaxy nexus is a bit flaky with this app, but I’m sure it’ll be fixed. This is a pretty fantastic app though, and could be useful for a lot of people who hate waiting for long Bluetooth transfers. Grab it from the source link!

Play Store: WiFi Shoot (Beta) | Android Police