Woot Deals On Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 And Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard

The first deal on Woot today is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. A refurbished model is now $179, which is a whole $20 cheaper than the Nexus 7. It offers respectable specs, with a dual core processor and a 7″ display at 1024×600. It also has a microSD card slot and an IR blaster, two things the Nexus 7 does not. It’s a great deal for a very good tablet, even if a Nexus 7 might be a better option for some.

The second deal is a Motorola Bluetooth keyboard with a slide out trackpad. Usually $70, it is now only $30. Even Amazon doesn’t have a significant discount on it, so this may be your only chance to pick one up for cheap. It has Android shortcuts too, for your Android tablet use. Plus with that trackpad, it can do it all for a very cheap price. Hit the source links to go buy these products now!

Woot: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 | Woot: Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard With Trackpad

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