A Few Of The New Amazon Kindles Now Available

Three new Kindles have launched today. First one is the Kindle Reader, selling for $69. The next one is the revamped Kindle Fire, with double the RAM, a faster processor (probably overclocked), and a bigger battery. It’s only $159.

Of course, probably the most important Kindle released today is the Kindle Fire HD 7″. With a 1280×800 7 inch display, a dual core TI OMAP 4470, dual band Wi-Fi, dual speakers (many duals), and an HD front facing camera, it’s quite a respectable tablet. This is the star of the show right now, and is available for $199. This is for the 16GB model, the 32GB model will be released October 25th. All 3 models are ad supported, so keep that in mind.

If none of these can satisfy you, you’ll have to wait for November, when the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ will launch for $300. That’s really the one most people are looking forward to, with that 1920×1200 display. So tell us, will you be getting a Kindle today?


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