Amazon Offers A Nice Surprise on New Kindle Fire Models – Locked Bootloaders

Part of the allure of the Kindle Fire HD for the hardcore, was the possibility was picking one up, rooting it, and then flashing a custom ROM onto the new device for an impressive $200 tablet. However Amazon may have alternative plans for you as it has been identified that both the Kindle Fire HD and the 2nd generation Kindle Fire have locked bootloaders. As shown by the Verizon Galaxy SIII – this is simply another challenge the XDA community is eager to overcome.

For those interested in still purchasing one for the sake of rooting it – there is already good news as there is already a root method currently in the works. Initial reports however are showing it is proving to be more difficult than originally thought. Best to wait on ordering one for now until a workaround has been developed or there is always the Nexus 7 option as well.

XDA via The Digital Reader

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