Amazon’s New 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD Is As Impressive As It Is Cheap

Amazon has unveiled a new Kindle Fire HD. It’s an 8.9″ tablet (probably my favorite tablet size), with a crazy 1920×1200 display. That’s 254ppi. If that isn’t the best display specs I’ve ever heard (in terms of size, resolution, and aspect ratio), I don’t know what is.

It is powered by an OMAP 4470 processor, a dual core Cortex A9 chip that’s not exactly cutting edge. Can’t ask for too much from a budget tablet though. They claim it outperforms the Tegra 3, but spec wise, I can’t see that happening. It’ll have dual Wi-Fi antennas with MIMO for the best possible signal, 16GB of storage (they made a point about not skimping on storage), dual stereo speakers, and an HD front facing camera. All this for a measly $300.

There will also be an LTE version for only $500, with a $50 a year plan that includes 250MB a month, 20GB of cloud storage, and a $10 Amazon Appstore credit (similar to the $25 in credit Google gives out with their Nexus 7). That’s some pretty insane pricing.

Along with all these specs, they’re introducing a bunch of new software features. There will be Whispersync for cloud storage of where you left off in a book, but it also applies to audiobooks and even games. There will be custom Skype and Facebook apps for the Kindle Fire HD, and parental control. Timers on games and general use, basically. Sounds very interesting, and quite useful. It’ll also have multiple user account support, something universally desired in a tablet.

The Verge

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