Android Malware Growing By 85%, Says McAfee

This study shows a massive growth in Android malware. This malware ranges from emails with bad attachments to files installing themselves just by you visiting a website. Very similar to what would happen on a computer. But keep this in mind: None of these malware installations are automatic.

Yes, to for malware to install, you need to install yourself. Which means having Unknown Sources enabled (and it’s disabled by default) and would have to install an app from a random prompt. Yes, there are a lot of people like that out there, but you shouldn’t be blaming Android. Android lets you install apps from outside sources. That means that you’ll have to be careful. If I installed a poker game from, would you blame me for getting a virus, or Windows? The nature of these OSes is freedom, and if you screw up, that’s your fault.

Why is iOS not on this graph? It doesn’t allow the installation of any apps outside of its own App Store. Meaning no freedom but less malware. And yes, malware comes up, not too rarely.

So if you’re an Android user, watch what you download and install. Keep that “Unknown Sources” switch off. Don’t install whatever appears on your screen. Don’t download fishy apps. Use common sense. You’re giving Android a bad name as an unsafe platform, when in reality it is perfectly safe if you don’t download everything you see. Just like any computer.


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