Android Netflix App Updated To Include Wi-Fi Only Setting

For those who have yet to catch the update, the official Netflix app for Android has received a new feature that many have been desiring for. Users now have the ability to toggle a setting that commands the app to only work over W-Fi networks.  What makes this feature great, is that it give users the who have to monitor their data usage, the opportunity to still utilize Netflix without worrying about it eating up critical data. It’s just one extra assurance that prevents excessive data use.

Official Statement by Netflix:

We know many of you love to watch Netflix on your Android smartphones and tablets. We just launched a new feature where you can select to playback on Wi-Fi networks only. This means that while you can search, browse and enjoy all aspects of the Netflix app on a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, you can choose (via a “Settings” feature) to playback on Wi-Fi networks only.

Check out the source link below to get your update!

Google Play – Netflix via Android Guys

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