Apple Cuts Back on Samsung Component Orders For New iPhone 5 – Denies It’s Out Of Spite

According to Reuters – a “source with direct knowledge on the matter” has stated today that Samsung is experiencing a decrease in the amount of orders for RAM and Flash Memory chips for the new iPhone. The iPhone 5, which is expected to be unveiled next Wednesday, was originally thought to be using a significant amount of Samsung internals just like its predecessors. However the source has stated otherwise acknowledging that Apple has been trying to diversify its sourcing portfolio for critical components.

Initially, rumors circulated that hard feelings developed from the epic patent war between the two companies and were the main reason for this change. Yet the Reuters‘ source denies that suggestion altogether. Rather, the source insists that Apple has been looking to spread out its orders among many partners for some time now especially as Samsung and other partners become bigger rivals.

Interestingly enough, this move by Apple may actually end up being Samsung’s gain. The Korean giant’s own products are in need of the same components and are said to be making up for the decreased demands from Apple. This is no doubt due to the massive success of the Galaxy SIII, which earlier in the week eclipsed the 20 million sales mark, and the upcoming Galaxy Note II.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s moves? Is this purely a business decision or is bad blood, stemming from the multiple trials, the culprit for this decreasing partnership?

Reuters via The Verge

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