ASUS Announces Event For Padfone 2 October 16th

Remember the Padfone? The phone that could turn into both a tablet and a netbook with the docks? It was a wonderful device. It had its fair share of bugs, but it was well designed and it worked well for the most part. It’s just sad that we didn’t get to see enough of it, it just fell off the radar for a long time. However, ASUS is back and hopefully ready to push the next iteration to fame.

They have announced a dual launch event on Tuesday, October 16th. There will be one in Milan, Italy, and one in Taipei, Taiwan. Should be exciting. After testing the waters with the original Padfone, we can only hope that the Padfone 2 will be both refined and pushed really far with advertising. We need a device like this, though it’s doubtful US carriers will ever get behind it. So give us a cheap unlocked version, ASUS!

We know nothing about the device, surprisingly. Only thing that seems logical is a bump to a quad core processor. Otherwise, it’s a mystery. But tell us, who’s excited?

Android Police

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