ASUS Says There Are No Plans For A $99 Nexus Tablet

We reported that Google and ASUS might have been planning a $99 Nexus tablet. A short day later, ASUS denies those claims. They directly told the source of the rumor, Digitimes, that they have no plans to release a sub-$100 tablet.

Are you disappointed? You shouldn’t be. Imagine the sacrifices that would have to be made just to get it below $100. It would not be a good user experience. Be happy ASUS isn’t trying to just sell cheap tablets, but strives for quality alongside price (which the Nexus 7 balances perfectly).

There was another rumor, that they would release a thinner Nexus 7 at $200. ASUS hasn’t discounted this rumor yet, but it doesn’t seem too plausible either. We could be wrong though. What do you think about this whole situation? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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