Carbon For Android Teases “A Few Dayz Now,” We Wait With Eager Anticipation

Carbon for Android may be the most anticipated third party Twitter client ever, with creator Dots and Lines promising the release is just a few more days away. Production on Carbon for Android has been months in the making and the creator has admittedly been frustrated with missed deadlines in the past. The most recent Tweet has us anticipating a release any day now and we honesty couldn’t be any more excited for this client.

“Matter of a few days now…yea, still alive and kicking! Next up will be a full video and our Google Play link…”

Definitely an exciting bit of news and while recent clients such as Twidere and Tweetlanes are doing well to hold us over, it’s hardly going to surprise anyone when Carbon for Android nails down a bunch of downloads on day one.

@CarbonAndroid via MobileSyrup

In the meantime, check out the teaser video below:

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