ComScore Shows Android Is On Top, Samsung Still Top Dog

Nothing has really changed here. Android is still on top, with a 1.4 boost since April. It is now in the lead at 52.2% of market share in the US. Apple is at second, with 33.4%. RIM took a 2.1 point hit and is now at 9.5%, while poor Microsoft is at 3.6%. We want Windows Phone to succeed, but it just isn’t working out great.

With OEMs, it’s somewhat interesting to see. Of course, Samsung is still on its high perch. It took a 0.3 point hit, which is small, but significant in the fact that they stopped growing. You can probably say it’s because of the lawsuits and is temporary. That’s probably it. LG is second pace at 18.4%, which I didn’t expect. Apple is at 16.3%, with a nice 1.9 point boost. Then comes Motorola at 11.2% and HTC strangely at only 6.4% (scary).

ComScore | Android Central

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