Current Android Owners Are 2.4x More Likely To Switch To iPhone Than Vice Versa

Marketing research agency, Ask Your Target Market (AYTM), recently published an infographic regarding the smartphone market for late 2012.  In response to the release of the new iPhone 5, 600 Americans were surveyed with online questionnaires to gather these results.  I’m no statistician or economist so I can’t comment on the validity of these results, but I think they’re interesting.  Here are some highlights from the 600 people surveyed:

  • 73% own a smartphone, 27% do not
  • Of those 73% that own a smartphone, 40% own an Android device, 23% own an iPhone
  • For the iPhone owners, 87% plan to buy an iPhone 5 within the next 6 months, 9% plan on switching to Android
  • For the Android owners, 73% plan to buy a new Android device in the next 6 months, 22% plan to switch to an iPhone
  • Therefore, current Android owners are  2.4x more likely to switch to an iPhone than vice versa

So, what do you think of the results?  Think they’re bogus?  I’ve seen a several former Android owners switching to iPhones recently including my own mom. I’ve been thinking, a lot of these people that are switching are likely switching because they have upgrades and have been using two-year-old Android devices.  In my opinion, a lot of those old devices were not what I would call awesome.  They’re no HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III.  I feel like Android is only recently emerging as something that is truly competitive to iOS; something appealing to all types of users, not just power users and Apple haters.  My guess is that when people with Galaxy S IIIs get their upgrades, they’ll be a lot less likely to switch.  That’s not saying that this survey is invalid, I just feel like times are changing.  The infographic has some further information on their projects on the future mobile market if you want to follow the AYTM link below.  Let us know your thoughts by commenting…

AYTM | CNN Fortune


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