CyanogenMod10 Adds SMS Pop-Up, Quick Reply Features To Nightlies

CyanogenMod fans take note as some brand new features are being introduced into the new CyanogenMod 10 nightlies. First up is QuickMessage, displaying a pop-up when you get an IM, allowing you to view or reply on the spot. Second, CM10 adds “quick reply,” letting you disable the pop-up and instead reply directly from the notification shade.

The CyanogenMod Google+ post, which announced the new features notes that the Quick Message notification shade function is still a work “in progress.”

Native Quick Messages:

  • Features:
  •   – Display pop-up Quick Message dialog when message received
  •   – Multi-message support with swipe between messages
  •   – Reply to individual messages
  •   – Mark individual messages as ‘Read’ or dismiss them all
  •   – ‘Wake and unlock’ device on message received

Engadget via CyanogenMod Google+ 1 & 2

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