Deal Alert – Motorola Droid RAZR M Available From Amazon and Wirefly For $50 and $80 Respectively

Only 24 hours following its release yesterday, the Motorola Droid RAZR M is already seeing significant discounts. Its a far cry from the days when carriers would list device discounts months, even in some cases, years after their release. Not an indication of its quality however, the new Droid RAZR M, is now selling for half of what Verizon listed the phone ($99) at yesterday.

Currently, Amazon has the new device selling at $49.99 for new Verizon Customers and $69.99 for existing upgrades. Not trying to miss out either, Wirefly has the handset listed at $79.99 as well. The reasoning behind such a drastic price but after only 24 hours is not unknown, but many questioned in the first place, that the phone was priced too high with the Droid RAZR HD models only a bit more and offering more bang for your money. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been seen listed at the $99 range recently so perhaps these retailers are simply trying to move more units.

Keep in mind that Motorola also will be revealing a new Intel-powered handset next week, so the RAZR M only has a small window of “exclusivity”.

The deal is for both the black and white verisons of the device. Although it is not listed as a limited deal, those interested should quickly hurry to grab their device before they sell out by checking out the source link below. Stay tuned for DroidDog for future updates on the Droid RAZR M.

Amazon, Wirefly – Black, Wirefly – White


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