Deal: Nexus 7 16GB For $250, Free Shipping And Case

Wanna score a Nexus 7 for a bit cheaper than usual? Well eBay Daily Deals has a 16GB Nexus 7 (8GB just isn’t enough!) for $250, which is the same price as what it’s sold for on the Play Store. However, you also get an official case and free shipping. The case is $20 on the Play Store, and shipping from Google (plus tax) is $35. So this deal effectively saves you $55.

On a different note, the case comes in either gray or blue. On the Play Store, it’s only available in gray. However, the case was shown in other colors before, just not sold yet. Interesting how eBay has colored cases for sale, when even Google does not. But it’s your chance to get a unique blue case!

eBay: Nexus 7 | Android Police

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