Details Emerge Surrounding A Samsung 9000mAh External Battery Pack

As smartphones evolve, users are wowed by brighter higher resolution displays, faster more efficient processors, and cutting edge features not previously seen before. However, these new devices leave consumers feeling underwhelmed when pertaining to battery life and performance. For too long Android users have had to adjust their brightness, disable haptic feedback, switch from 4G to 3G coverage, and rely on other power-saving methods just to get through the day. Despite notable efforts by Motorola’s RAZR MAXX line and Samsung’s respectable battery performance on its SIII models, OEM companies are still struggling to meet high expectations when it comes to innovation and improvement of their smartphones.

Many have found, however, that utilizing a portable power pack helps to reduce this issue. It grants you the freedom of not having to frantically look for a power outlet when on the go. Although this concept is not anything new, Samsung believes they have the solution for you. Weighing in at 189 grams, this Samsung branded external battery is not light to say the least but does come in a compact design. Also when you take into account the amount of power the accessory can hold – 9,000mAh to be exact – you start to appreciate its capabilities despite what it lacks in thinness

From a design perspective, everything is laid out in an easy to understand layout. On top you’ll find four LED status indicators. While equally easy to find on the sides are a USB port (Out), a microUSB port (In), and the power button.

While other options exist, non-OEM models have been known in the past to not exactly fulfill what is advertised of them. In addition, using this OEM Samsung pack may give users more peice of mind when plugging this accessory into their device. As of right now, however, Samsung has yet to release details pertaining to its availability and price. Stay tuned to DroidDog as we continue to monitor for additional information.

Sammy Hub via Android Authority         Images via Samsung Mania

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