DROID Bionic Owners, Motorola Feels Your Pain, Promises To Do Better

Motorola’s new Vice President of Product at Motorola Mobility Punit Soni is promising owners of the DROID Bionic on his Google+ page that the company can do better, and will do better on his watch. As the company releases an updated software upgrade page, Soni recognizes that Bionic owners have gotten a “raw deal” and that Motorola plans to update the Bionic to Android 4.0 in the fourth quarter of this year. Originally, the update was set to happen in the third quarter, but with the third quarter rapidly winding down, the fourth quarter seems like the more likely timeframe anyway.

Puni responded to feedback on his Google+ page, asking for more feedback and pledging that owner complaints “will not fall on deaf ears.” While Soni didn’t offer any specifics for how Motorola plans to respond to such feedback, the updated upgrade page as well as his own comments show us that Motorola may take a more proactive approach in the future. Combine that with the $100 pledge for any device made in 2011 to the present day that doesn’t receive Jelly Bean and perhaps we’re seeing the fruits of a Google takeover.

Bionic owners who want to get in on the conversation can hit Soni’s Google+ page below and give feedback. There’s already 472 comments, so feel free to add yours.

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