Enable 3D System Wide On The EVO 3D

Sure, the 3D on the HTC EVO 3D has always been nothing more than a gimmick (and an often painful one at that). It’s definitely cool, and occasionally even worth a migraine, but it only allows you to play a few games in 3D and look at the photos you took. Not too much of a use really. Ever wanted more use out of it?

A developer named jmztaylor on XDA has created an app that turns on the 3D effect no matter the app. You can only enable it for one rotation (you choose either landscape or portrait) and exit the app. Also, an unfortunate side effect is that it will keep your brightness at 100% while the 3D effect is on.

There still isn’t much you can do. The Sense launcher, Rosie, is not 3D enabled. However, there is an app in that thread that allows you to select a 3D wallpaper. It really doesn’t add much use to the EVO 3D, but it’s always a cool little gimmick to show off to friends. Hit the source link to get to the thread where the app and 3D wallpaper picker reside.

XDA: EVO 3D Switcher | XDA: Portal

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