Evernote Receives Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Update, Adds Notification Shade Actions

Evernote remains of my staple apps and one of the most important aspects of organization in my blogging life — and now Evernote is making life just a bit better for those us running Jelly Bean. Evernote’s newest update for Android 4.1 supports expanded notifications with the ability to select actions right with Version 4.2 of their own software. The new update adds the ability to quickly edit notes as well share uploaded notes from the notification shade.

Along with the ability to edit and share notes, Evernote now condenses multiple notes into one entry, ala Gmail, alleviating the idea that notes will pile up. This is good news for Evernote power users like myself. In addition to the Jelly Bean updates, the app receives some general performance improvements, bug fixes and the like.

If you aren’t using Evernote to organize your note taking life, you really should take a good look, it’s an amazing piece of software!

Evernote via Engadget


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