Facebook Updates Features, Adds New Auto Upload for Some Android Customers

Facebook has implemented a new method for a select amount of Android users to upload their photos to their social media platform.  This update will enable users to sync photos via their phone the same way the Google+ platform currently offers.  The photos you take on your smartphone will be uploaded to your account and set as private until you authorize to share it with your friends.

If you have been granted this feature, below are instructions to utilize it:

To start syncing your photos, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook for Android installed on your phone.
From the app:
Go to your timeline
Tap Photos
Tap Sync at the bottom of your photos section. Follow the step-by-step instructions.
From your computer:
Go to your timeline
Click Photos
Click Synced From Phone at the top of your photos section. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

You can choose how many photos you’d like to sync, and privately store up to 2GB of photos.

Don’t despair if you aren’t privy to this new component as Facebook has traditionally rolled out new features to smaller groups before making them available to the rest of its users.


image via infworm

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