Galaxy Note II Camera Stuck At 8 Megapixels Due To Sony?

Rumors leading up to the official Samsung unveiling of the Galaxy Note II had us believing we might see the new phablet drop with a 13 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the Note II stuck with the previous generations 8 megapixel camera, although the rumors weren’t exactly false. According to a new report, Sony was unable to provide Samsung with enough CMOS sensors to bump up the megapixel camera count for the Note II prior to launch. Obviously Samsung wasn’t interested in delaying the launch until Sony was able to build up enough inventory.

However, had Samsung waited, Sony appears to have built up that inventory as the upcoming LG Optimus G rocks a Sony-made 13 megapixel camera sensor. Still, we’re not complaining about the quality of the Note II camera as-is, it’s perfectly good for capturing those special moments were a smartphone camera is all that’s available. Besides, we always have the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy S IV to look forward to.

Intomobile via Unwired View

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