Get an Inside Look As To How Google Maps Is Made

Often we use Google Maps on a daily basis with no idea as to how Google was able to develop this massive database we’ve come to love. Well The Atlantic had the opportunity to get a inside look at Google’s “Ground Truth” project and has given it’s readers a behind the scenes insight. The Google project is an attempt to build the most accurate maps possible utilizing a variety of sources for data.

To give you some perspective, in the U.S. information starts with a base layer using data from the US Census Bureau, with matters becoming more complicated when details are used from the US Geological Survey. Then factoring in Google’s own data from Street View and other sources, then users start to see a system resmbling what we know as Google Maps today.

Check out the source link below for the full story and to get a glimpse into Google’s map making process.

The Atlantic via The Verge, Google Play Store – Google Maps

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