Google’s Field Trip App Is A Guide To Your Surroundings

Google has released a new app called Field Trip, and I think it’s an app a lot of people have been waiting for. It’s an app that will notify you if anything interesting is nearby. You don’t even keep the app open, it just runs in the background and tells you immediately as cool things pass by. And if you are wearing headphones, it can even read the information to you.

This app will do everything from telling you the history of a place to giving you all the newest restaurants and tourist locations. With Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, Eater, Songkick, and many other sources, it will have a ton of information about your location. Even if you grew up in a city, you might find something new.

This app is available now on the Play Store for Android. Hit the source link to download it for free! It’ll also be available on iOS soon, so if you are an iOS user, why are you here? you just have to wait a little. Go get it and go on an adventure! And watch the video, it’s adorable.

On a side note, does Google have information about every place in the entire world? This plus Maps and Earth is an unimaginable amount of information.

Play Store: Field Trip | Field Tripper

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