Google’s YouTube Channel – Android Developers – Releases Video Series To Developers On How To Improve Apps

Following the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has made it a priority to give its developers as many resources as possible to help them learn how to make a solid app that really caters to the Android world. Originally it started with the Android Style Guide and has progressed into Google implementing its own Android Developers YouTube channel.

The channel now has over 100 videos uploeaded, as Google has been updating it regularly. Of course, a good amount of the videos are attrivuted to he influx that came from Google I/O earlier this year however it is a very positive sight for developers to see Google pushing innovation and support for app development.

On the channel today, the episode focuses on Android Design in Action covering the topic of transit apps, and showed how transit apps could be redesigned using Android design principles. If you’re an Android developer, this is an excellent resource, made only better by the fact that regular live shows are done via Google+ Hangouts. These live shows are highly regarded as the give developers one-on-one time with the gurus.

Check out the source link below to see the Youtube channel.

Android Developers – YouTube Channel via  Phone Arena


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